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Landscape Maintenance in Kelowna: Summer Plant Care Tips.

Landscape Maintenance in Kelowna: Summer Plant Care Tips.

Half the battle of ensuring that your yard stays nice and clean is about keeping your plants alive. During the summer it can be hard to make sure that your foliage stays happy and healthy. Watering restrictions and high heat can directly impact the health of your plants. However, there are a few things that you can do to help your leafy friends during the hot weather. Follow along below to learn more about plant care and landscape maintenance in Kelowna during the summertime.

How to Keep Your Plants Healthy in Hot Weather?


Keeping your plants healthy during the heat can seem impossible. However, it can be done. When the weather is scorching hot, it is important that you water your plants thoroughly. The heat and sun cause water to evaporate from the soil at a faster rate than in cool weather. 

Next, if you use fertilizer in your garden, we recommend waiting until the temperatures cool off. Fertilizing during a heat wave can cause added stress to your plants. So, if you’re thinking about fertilizing, check the weather forecast first. 

Additionally, you should not move your plants in abnormally high temperatures. Relocating your plants causes immense amounts of stress to the roots and leaves. This can weaken the integrity of the plant and cause it to die prematurely. If you want to move a plant to a different area, we recommend waiting until the heat dies down. 

Lastly, one of the most common mistakes people make is pruning during a heat wave. However, this will often make things harder for the plant. Minimal pruning is okay and can help promote growth and stimulate the health of the plant. On the contrary, too much pruning can harm the plant by increasing stress levels. 

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