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Lavender Landscaping in Kelowna

Lavender Landscaping in Kelowna

Lavender is perfectly suited for the Okanagan’s hot weather. The purple flowers flourish in the heat of the Kelowna sun. Landscaping in Kelowna often uses lavender to brighten up garden beds for a hardy, water-conscious approach. We reached out to a local lavender farm to gain some insight into this amazing plant. Read below to learn more about planting lavender, its uses, and more!

Planting lavender in your landscaping in Kelowna.

Planting lavender is a great way to conserve water. It also adds colour to your landscape plans all summer long. McKinley Lavender Farm helped us at Fuller’s Landscaping Co. learn more about lavender. We gained a lot more knowledge on these amazing herbaceous plants. The Okanagan heat can make it impossible for many flowering plants to grow. However, lavender will bloom no matter the temperature outside. The hardy varieties are grown to last through extreme temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, Lavender isn’t picky when it comes to the soil that they’re grown in. Oftentimes, you can plant lavender in the worst of soil. As long as you don’t leave its roots drowning in water. Lavender hates being too soggy. Keep the roots dry; with the right amount of water, these purple beauties will thrive.

When you plant your lavender make sure they have enough room to grow. Leaving 2-3 feet between each plant will allow the flower to reach its full potential for growth. Lavender usually grows up to 3 feet tall and wide. As they become more established the flowers can be harvested in Summer and Fall. 

The Versatility of Lavender.

Lavender isn’t just a pretty flower to admire in your garden. It has a wide variety of health benefits and culinary uses. If you choose to harvest the crop during the summer and fall, it may be dried and turned into oils, hydrosol sprays, candles, etc. The oil of this flower is great for moisturizing skin, replenishing nutrients, clearing acne, and soothing bug bites. Moreover, you can use the oil to create candles, soap, and other scented products. 

The hydrosol portion is often used in diffusers to freshen the scent of a room. Or, to relax your nerves and help with a better night’s sleep. Lavender is a known stress reliever and many people go to great lengths to invest in this purple plant. Additionally, if you have smelly pets this scent rids strong odors and will also help calm their nerves. 

The lavender buds sell for a hefty price as many chefs, restaurants, crafters, and artists use them in their work. Culinary lavender does require a bit more research in order for safe human consumption. Be sure to look further into this before using lavender in food, drinks, and other edible products. Crafty folk can create lavender sleep masks, pillows, potpourri, and more!

Landscaping in Kelowna with lavender!

If you’re landscaping in Kelowna, chances are you’re going to have to battle with some wildlife. Annual flowers will quickly be eaten by the surrounding animals. Deer are especially bad for this in the Okanagan. One of the only flowers animals don’t seem to enjoy is lavender. In combination with its hedge-like growing pattern, gorgeous flowers, and amazing scent, this plant is off the menu for most wildlife. Homeowners can use these characteristics to create borders to protect other annual flowers from being consumed. In addition, they can have the perks of a bright coloured flower without having to worry about it becoming a deer’s main course meal. 

Lavender is a versatile flower with a variety of benefits to all homeowners. Be sure to check out McKinley Lavender Farm if you want to know more about this amazing plant. If you’re looking for more advice on landscaping in Kelowna, contact us at Fuller’s Landscaping Co. today! We’d be happy to come to give you a quote or provide some advice. Check out our Instagram page here for inspiration on your latest landscaping projects. Feel free to reach out to us at any time – happy planting!

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