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Kelowna Landscaping Contractor Recaps This Year’s Blog!

Kelowna Landscaping Contractor Recaps This Year’s Blog!

Throughout 2023, the Fuller’s team has written several articles about a wide range of landscaping topics! Since the year is almost over, we decided to stick with our tradition of doing a year-end blog recap. This way we can highlight all of our content from 2023 and allow our dedicated readers to catch up on any missed posts. Continue reading below as your favourite Kelowna landscaping contractor goes over this year’s blog summary!

Winter and Spring Recap

Jan – Landscape Contractor in Kelowna Talks Xeriscaping!

What is xeriscaping? And, what are the benefits? In this article, we answered all of these questions. Check it out if you haven’t already to discover the amazing world of xeriscaping!

Feb – Types of Landscape Design With Your Kelowna Landscape Contractor!

In this post, we go over the different styles of landscaping that are possible within the Okanagan. Give this a read for some 2024 landscaping inspiration!

Mar – Signs That it’s Time to Invest in Landscaping Kelowna BC

Investing in landscaping can do everything from improving curb appeal to enhancing privacy. This is especially great if you are planning on selling your home in the New Year! In this article, we go over some signs that you should invest in landscaping. 

Apr –  Landscape Contractors in Kelowna Talk Summer Must-Haves

This article goes over some upgrades that can seriously improve the functionality of your yard during the summer. Check it out for some ideas about what to put on your landscaping wishlist this year. 

May – Hire a Landscape Contractor Near Kelowna for Mother’s Day!

In May, we wrote all about the reasons why you should give the gift of a backyard makeover to your Mom! Check it out to see why landscaping makes the perfect gift.

rustic garden in kelowna

Rewind to Summer and Fall With Your Kelowna Landscaping Contractor

Jun – Fuller’s Does Curb Repair in Kelowna!

Winter is a common culprit for causing damage to concrete curbs. Prepare in advance of this year’s winter weather and check out this post. Here, we go over everything you need to know about curb repair in Kelowna.

Jul – Kelowna Landscape Maintenance Tips for Summer!

In this article, we shared some of our tips to keep your yard in tip top shape during the summer!

Aug – Landscaping Company in Kelowna Goes Over How to Maintain Your Garden Tools

Maintaining your garden tools is just as important as maintaining your garden. In this article, we wrote about some of the ways you can ensure that your tools stay in ship shape for years to come. 

Sept – Fall Kelowna Landscaping Tips!

In Kelowna, the fall weather is excellent for gardening and landscaping! This post provided our readers with a list of fall lawn and garden upkeep tips.

Oct – Must-Have Tools for Hardscaping in Kelowna

If you’re thinking about taking on a weekend hardscaping project at home, there are a few tools you’ll need for a professional quality finish. Check out this post to learn about some of the tools we use to for hardscaping.

Nov – Landscape Maintenance Kelowna: How to Winterize Your Lawn?

To help you get your lawn ready for winter, we compiled a list of tips to help you out! From what length to leave your grass to how to prepare the soil, we covered it all. 

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