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Landscape Maintenance Kelowna: How to Winterize Your Lawn?

Landscape Maintenance Kelowna: How to Winterize Your Lawn?

If your lawn is your prized possession, make sure you don’t forget to winterize it this year. Taking the time to prepare your grass for the colder months ahead will ensure that it comes back happy and healthy during the spring. To help you get your lawn ready for winter, we have compiled a list of tips to help you out! From what length to leave your grass to how to prepare the soil, we cover it all. Follow along below as our landscape maintenance Kelowna crew goes over the details! 

How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter?

  • Rake and Trim

The first step in preparing your lawn for winter is to rake away the fallen leaves. Alternatively, you could use a mulching lawn mower to grind up the leaves into small bits so that they settle within the grass. At this point, you may also consider dethatching your lawn with a rake or aerating the surface area. Both of these are good practices, so that the grass seed can find its way to the soil. 

When you go to cut your grass for the last time this year, make sure you leave it at a height of 2.5 inches. This is because taller grass has deeper roots which is ideal for the cold. Too short of grass, and your lawn may suffer from winter damage. Once you’ve cut your lawn, make sure you don’t rake away the clippings. Leaving them atop your lawn will return at least 25% of the grass’ nitrogen back to the soil. 

  • Seed Away

Now that your lawn has a good foundation, it is time to choose a good seed. Seeding your lawn before the winter ensures that it comes back thick once spring arrives. To determine what seed is best for your lawn, evaluate its weak points: is it too thin? Does it experience lots of foot traffic? Is it in a shaded area? Find a seed that is designed for these problems. Once you have your perfect seed, spread it generously across your lawn. 

  • Water 

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final step in winterizing your lawn. Before the snow hits, make sure you water your grass seeds so that they can germinate. You may also consider adding some fertilizer for maximal growth and protection. 

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