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Landscape Contractors Kelowna Go Over Summer Watering Tips

Landscape Contractors Kelowna Go Over Summer Watering Tips

In the heat of the Okanagan summer, it’s common for water restrictions to be put into place. When this happens, you may be wondering how you can keep your plants alive while sticking to the local regulations. As your landscape contractors Kelowna, we are going to give you the low down on how to water your garden during the heat or when water restrictions are in place. We’ll also provide you with some future tips and some things to think about as we head into hotter temperatures. Follow along to learn more!

Watering During the Summer Months in the Okanagan

summer watering tips for landscaping in Kelowna

The summer in the Okanagan is usually marked by its hot and dry climate. While this weather may be favourable for hitting the beach, it’s not always the best for your garden. Irrigating your land is a critical part of maintaining its beauty and ensuring that your plants thrive. However, when you need to conserve water it can be hard to know when to water and how much water to use. 

To simplify your watering routine, consider having your Kelowna landscaping contractors adjust your sprinkler system to run during the night or early morning hours. Make sure they set up a timer that evenly distributes water throughout your garden. For those with lawns, be sure not to overwater your grass. This is especially true for those with new lawns. Overwatering is extremely common and can promote disease growth.

Another lawn tip to consider when watering in the summer is to raise your mower height to be half an inch above the recommended setting. By doing so you will increase the drought tolerance of your lawn. Moreover, having taller grass promotes a deeper root system. It’s also important not to fertilize your lawn during a drought, as they can burn the grass. 

Finally, if you’re struggling with keeping your plants alive during the summer, you may consider replacing some of them with Okanagan-native plants. Planting plants that are native to the Okanagan means that you will need less water to ensure their survival. Since these plants evolved in the dry climate, they are used to going for long periods without water. 

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