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Fuller’s Landscaping Company Sources Local Companies in Kelowna

Did you know that Fuller’s is one of the few landscaping companies in Kelowna to use 100% local sources? Our company has been based in the astounding city of Kelowna and as a result we wholeheartedly support local business. Furthermore, we purchase our plants from local growers, nurseries and farms in the Okanagan.

Fuller’s supports the local economy by establishing relationships with local farmers. Due to this, we also ensure we are planting the right material for our unique climate. The Okanagan is very dry in the summer months. Therefore, digging in the right plants is imperative to the longevity of your landscape. That’s why we use a combination of drought tolerant plants such as locally grown lavender, which are specially cultivated for our unique desert-like climate.

We’re  also one of the few landscaping companies in Kelowna to pay close attention to sustainability. To Fuller’s, sustainability means assuring the work we do lasts for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. It also means that we take care of the natural ecosystems at play. Each job is well executed and as a result we can meet the present needs for a landscape while anticipating future requirements. Our Kelowna based landscaping company is very interested in the refinement of a garden, but also the composition. We love to make sure your garden works seamlessly with nature.

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A Kelowna Landscaping Company Focused on Sustainability!


Above all, Fuller’s supports local business and is a champion of sustainable landscapes. We have the experience and local resources to ensure every job large or small is carried out flawlessly. What better way to refresh your garden and support local businesses by hiring Fuller’s to do things right the first time. Our love for our community is demonstrated by supporting the hometown businesses and members of our community. Hence, by working with them we deliver the best solution for your next landscape design.

If you want to work with a landscaping company in Kelowna who supports local farmers and sustainable business practices, then give Fuller’s a call now!

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