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Spring Landscaping in Kelowna is Around the Corner!

Spring Landscaping in Kelowna is Around the Corner!

Spring Landscaping in Kelowna is Around the Corner!

It’s that time of year when things get booked and busy outside! Nature starts waking up, snow removal finally sees the end in sight as Canadians look forward to enjoying their gardens. Around here we refer to it as Kelowna landscaping season! This is a very busy time of year for all gardeners and landscapers in the Okanagan. We live in a beautiful spot here in BC, so it’s no surprise that residents of the Okanagan want to take advantage of all their outdoor space. At Fuller’s Landscaping, we have all the equipment and training to get your spring landscape project wrapped and ready to go for all those upcoming summer BBQs.

What kind of projects should you be preparing for in your Kelowna garden this spring?

General Clean-up

It’s a good time of the year to do a spring clean on your yard and garden. Haul away any clippings and debris leftover from the fall and winter. Tidy up any trees, shrubs, grasses, and perennials that didn’t get attention at the end of the season. As the snow melts away it’s easier to see what needs attention early on. Generally speaking, it’s the stuff you didn’t get to before the snow started to fall.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

This is an excellent time to prune your trees and shrubs because the leaves have not yet grown back. When you can see the “bones” of the tree you can carefully prune back to a shape that you want. There’s never a bad time to prune for most trees, but we find that spring is an excellent time to prune because the improved visual is much better without foliage.

Top up your mulch and material

Before you get too busy in your yard and garden you might want to consider topping up your mulch and top dressing. This will allow plant material to grow nicely around the new topping as well as provide some much-needed nutrients to your winter starved soil. It’s also a good time because the stone, sand, and mulch providers aren’t in full swing yet, so you’ll have more selection.

Get a jump start on Spring Landscaping in Kelowna!

These are just a few things you can consider undertaking in your garden before the hustle and bustle of the growing season begin.  If you have garbage, debris, and yard waste that needs to be removed, please give us a call and let us take care of the hauling and disposal for you. We would love to work with you this coming spring! Get in touch today!  You can also follow along in real-time with us on Instagram.


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